Selstali Seter and Mt. Gaustatopen in the background The cows are resting Children and animals in perfect harmony. Outside the Mountain farm
The Selstali Seter Mountain Farm is located in the county of Tinn (Telemark) - right at the foot of the 1883 m high Mount Gaustatoppen - the highest peak in Southern Norway. The nearest town is Rjukan, which is the political and administrative centre of the municipality. If you are located in the city centre of Rjukan, i.e. outside the Tourist-office, the distance to Selstali Seter is approx. 18 Km. 

Due to the climatic conditions, the farm usually opens around Midsummer Eve and closes in the 2. week of Sept. The exact dates are stated at the top right corner of this site. 

At the Selstali Mountain Farm we usually keep 10 - 12 cows, some calves and two sheep. The daily milk output from our cows, creates the foundation of the production of several dairy products. Every day we make fresh butter, sour cream, brown whey-cheese and a very special farm-cheese. We also serve several, traditional meals, like genuine sour cream porridge, pancakes and cured meat from pork and reindeer - together with a hot cup of coffee.

In addition to the farm, we have to cosy cabins for rent, and we can offer exciting trout-fishing in 10 different lakes.